Great stuff

There is such extraordinary music out there. I can’t get over how many amazing voices are finding their way… How a lone person in a bedroom in a small town/village in fill_in_the_name_here can reach a global audience.  Not to bag on the recording/radio industry – without whom I would have had many a lonely childhood night listening to a radio without songs. But now that the creative tools and access to listeners and community have ..ahem… become a bit more level, It is wonderful who we can reach and be touched by. I continue to find artists from all over who move me and remind me how we are all connected; turning together on this great wheel. Here is one such voice. Ethan Okamura is a guy I have had the honor of working with in Victrola Hall of Science and House of Canvas (two Northern California alterna/indie/rock projects that featured some really fantastic players like Bill Shore, Jason Loeks and Frank Maranzino). These days Ethan is playing with This Old Earthquake and doing projects for sync licensing. Check out his music and let me know what you think. If you’re like me and you get the chills, sign up with a Reverb Nation account, “fan” him and spread the word. 


BTW: the qualities that really get to me in a songwriter are honesty, integrity and a commitment to cutting to the heart of the music and the meme. If you know anyone who you feel covers that ground and would like to share with me please step up and give me a shout out.

Take care..

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