Another Great Story

So, I’m doing the Facebook check thing this morning and I get a friend’s recommendation to see a show tonight by a guy named Ira Marlow at the Cafe Du Nord, in SF. I’m not going to be able to make the show. But am curious nonetheless and I go dig up his bandcamp page and then just fell over listening to some of his music. I don’t want to wreck it for anyone by saying who/ what his music reminds me of. But I will say the writing is deep and doesn’t wallow in the first person, the playing is restrained and thoughtful and the vocals are real. So I do a bit more digging and find that our paths are not that disimilar in certain respects and that – of course – ups my admiration yet some more. Check him out.¬† He also does comedy as Wade Pivonski. Which is fun as well in its own right. But don’t start there.. start with¬† the new record called “Lucky”.